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Work Experience


Simons Research Fellow
Summer 2017, StonyBrook, NY
Selected from thousands of applications to attend the prestigious summer research program

Conducted deep learning research diagnosing glioblastoma tumor features from biopsy images and awarded $1000 research stipend

Student Researcher
2016-2017, Cambridge, MA
Developed a Moran computational model for 2D tumor growth, coded in C++

Student Collaborator with the EyeGENE project
Summer 2016, Online Collaboration
Developed the Eyeagnosis system for the automatic screening of diabetic retinopathy. Collaborated with researchers at Cornell, Caltech, Harvard School of Medicine, and the National Eye Institute.

Issued provisional patent, presented at ISCB and NIH conferences.




Volunteer Experience

girlscomputingleague-1     girlscomputingleague-2     girlscomputingleague-3

Founder, CEO
2015 – Present,
Herndon, Virginia
Working to Educate, Encourage, and Empower middle and high school girls to participate in the fields of computer science and technology. Provide workshops for Title 1 Schools, Public Housing Districts, and Teacher Professional Development Workshops.Reached over 1,000 teachers and students to date across the VA/MD/DC region and recruited a volunteer base of over 30 high school students.

Received sponsorship from many companies and organizations such as Amazon Web Services, IEEE, GitHub, NOVA Labs, and GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science), among others. Partner organization of the White House CSforAll Initiative. (Link)


csc-1     csc-2      csc-3

Member on the Board of Directors, Youth Advisory Board Chair, and Youth Ambassador
2012 – Present, Northern Virginia
Donated all scholarships over the past four years to the CSC. As a keynote speaker, helped raise over $170,000 in contributions and several speaking events, such as the annual 2013, 2014, 2015 Founder’s Society Annual Fundraising Events, US Volkswagen Finance Headquarters Event, and AOL Events.Began a column in the monthly newsletter called “Celebrity Spotlight” interviewing scientists such as Nobel laureates, Mythbuster Adam Savage, and others. Worked with WTOP to record Public Service Announcements to air in 2015.

Founded the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and runs monthly YAB meetings to discuss and put into action science fair exhibit ideas, outreach to underprivileged schools to provide hands-on science nights, create a video series of educational videos, and recruit more high school volunteers.

Presents bi-monthly progress as a member of the Board of Directors of the Children’s Science Center





Thomas Jefferson HS
GPA: 4.506
Math: Research Statistics 1, AP Calculus BC, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra
Computer Science: AP Computer Science C, Artificial Intelligence 1 and 2, Computer Vision
Science: AP Biology, DNA Science 1, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C Mechanics and Electricity/Magnetism
Language: French 1, Russian 1-3
Exam Scores
PSAT 2016: 750/760 Math, 760/760 Writing/Reading, 99% percentile for both
SAT Subject Tests: Math Level 2, 800/800; Biology M, 800/800; Chemistry, 800/800
AP Exams: 5/5 (Environmental Science, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus BC)
Programming Skills:
Java, Python, C++, MATLAB, Mathematica, Android Studio, Arduino Programming, Caffe and Tensorflow Deep Learning Architectures



Research and Innovation Projects


The GlioVision platform identifies relevant tumor regions in a brain biopsy image and determines the molecular sub-type of the tumor (which has important implications in chemotherapy treatment) with over 85% and 90% accuracy, respectively, using deep learning.
eyeagnosis-01 EYEAGNOSIS
2016 – Present

2016 National Siemens Competition Semifinalist; 2017 International Science and Engineering Fair Finalist and 3rd Place in Translational Medical Sciences; 2017 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge 1st place; 2017 Virginia State Science Fair 2nd Place Grand Prize, Governor’s Award Recipient, Leidos Award in Computational Science, Virginia Dental Association Honorable Mention

The Eyeagnosis system, which utilizes machine learning techniques and a smartphone camera for the automatic screening of diabetic retinopathy. The Eyeagnosis algorithm consists of a neural network, novel 3D-printed optical device that enables a smartphone to take high-quality retinal images, and a smartphone application.

Video Link

2015 – 2016

2016 Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge SummitDiplomat and International Pete Conrad Scholar (1st Place)

The MediKey mobile application allows on-demand, swift, and secure sharing of relecant lifesaving medical history of a patient with an EMT in the case of an emergency using NFC technology and encryption algorithms.


2014 – 2015

2015 Toshiba ExploraVision National Honorable Mention

Created a concept idea for StentSense, a revoluntionary stent-like device inserted in the upper arm that utilized state of the art nanotechnology and cloud computing to continuously monitor a patient’s bloodstream and identify the contents.

2014 IEEE App-E-Feat 3rd Place National Winner, #BUILTBYGIRLS 2017 Finalist

Created a concept idea for Diabreathometer, a revolutionary device that would allow diabetic patients to monitor their blood sugar levels through breath tests for acetone. Diabreathometer is an app-device system that can both measure and display blood sugar content on a smartphone.
Video Link

ConnecTech is a product created with Girls Computing League as a way to link professionals and teachers. Click here to find out more.



Awards and Honors

ncwit 2016-2017 National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing (AiC) National Award Winner (top 50 of over 4,000 applicants)
include_logo_2016_2017_9 2017 Stanford She++ #Include Fellow (top 30 selected)
ISEF_Logo 2017 ISEF: Eyeagnosis International Science Fair (ISEF) Finalist, International 3rd Place in Category, 2nd Life Science Award from the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society, 2nd Award from Samvid Education Foundation, Honorable Mention from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence
VSSF 2017 VSSEF: Eyeagnosis Grand Prize/ Governor’s Award at the Virginia State Science Fair (VSSEF), Leidos Award in Computational Science
download 2017- Eyeagnosis 1st Place Health and Medical Science at the International Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge
seimens 2016- Eyeagnosis Siemens Foundation Research Competition Semifinalist
download 2016- MediKey 1st Place Cybersecurity and Technology at the International Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge
exploravision 2015- StentSense National Honorable Mention in the Toshiba Exploravision Competition
USACO 2017 United States Computing Olympiad (USACO) Gold Division Winner
ASCL-logo-e1496173566843 2015 3rd Place, American Computer Science League (ACSL) All-Stars International Competition
USABO 2015/2016/2017 United States Biology Olympiad (USABO) Semifinalist Qualifier (top 10%)
Utoronto_coa.svg 2016 International Biology Scholar, University of Toronto Biology Examination
aime_rgb 2014/2016 National American Invitational Mathematical Examination (AIME) Qualifier (top 10%)
actr 2016 American Council Teachers of Russian (ACTR) Russian National Essay Contest Gold Medalist
actr 2017 ACTR Russian Scholar Laureate Award Nominee (2 per school)



In the News

Disrupting the Gender Gap in Computer Science
by Kavya Kopparapu
JUNE 16, 2017




Speaking Engagements

4277669767 UPCOMING November 2017 AI Responsible Forum
More Information
2017-announcements-schedule-25 UPCOMING December 2017 Nobel Week at Stockholm
  2017 TEDx Herndon Speaker on the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
2017 Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit – Speaker
2017 O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference – Session Speaker – Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to diagnose diseases
2017 March For Science DC Rally Main Stage Speaker (April)
speaker-stemonthehill 2017 STEM on the Hill Event at Capitol Hill (April)
  2017 National Society for High School Scholars Scholars Day Panel, Presentation, and Acceptance Speech
image002 2016 White House STEM Inclusion Conference (October)
2016 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Yearly Conference Student Award Winner (June)
image013 2016 International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Rocky Colorado Conference Poster Presenter (December)
image015 2016 IEEE Women in Engineering Innovating Forward Together Conference (December)
xstem1 2014/2015/2016 US Science and Engineering Festival X-STEM Symposium Speaker
2014-2017 Children’s Science Center Founder’s Society Event Keynote Speaker, CSC Volkswagen Event Keynote, CSC Fair Oaks Mall Lab Grand Opening Keynote (over 10 major events in total)



Organized Hackathons / Summits / Workshops


Artificial Intelligence Summit 2017
Hosting a conference in September 2017 for high school students.
The Girls Computing League at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) is sponsoring an artificial intelligence summit—AI Summit for All—on Saturday, September 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The summit is designed for students in grades 8-12 who are interested in learning about artificial intelligence.

Keynote speakers include Teresa Carlson of Amazon; Afua Bruce of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Evan Burfield of 1776; and Virginia Delegate Ken Plum. Presenters on artificial intelligence include Jim Liew of Johns Hopkins University, Tim Hwang of FiscalNote, Lisa Singh and Peter Bock of George Washington University, and Patrick Hall of H20.ai. The event is sponsored by Google, Amazon Web Services, and the Spirit of Innovation Challenge.


BioCode Hackathon

Biocode Hackathon
Started BioCode Competition- the first middle/high school bioinformatics programming competition. Had over 220 participants and $2,250 in sponsorship.
The BioCode competition was held by TJ Bioinformatics Society. In this competition, teams competed with each other to solve the most number of problems that ranged from easy to hard in difficulty. These problems were all related to biology but required no previous biological knowledge and only minimal CS experience. The competition consisted of an opening ceremony, 4 hours of programming time, and an awards ceremony. There were four divisions: middle school, basic high school (have not taken AP Computer Science), intermediate high school (have taken only APCS), and advanced high school (have taken AP Computer Science and another course). Prizes were awarded for the top 10 middle school teams, and top 3 high school teams in each category. During the programming portion, teams received a set of problems to complete (anything as simple as “translate this DNA into RNA” to “model equilibrium in this population”). Session were also available to allow students to learn a new programming language, get help on solving one of the competition problems, or learn how bioinformatics is applied in the real world.

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Girls Computing League Workshops
Organized and coordinated volunteers for over 15 workshops on behalf of GirlsComputingLeague
GirlsComputingLeague can provide a one-time, introductory workshop, or weekly classes year-round as per your need. Below is a list of possible workshops that have already been developed:

  • • Robotics Workshops (FLL and FTC)
  • • Website Development with HTML or Javascript
  • • JAVA and Python Programming
  • • Mobile Application Development Classes
  • • Scratch and Alice for Younger Students




Grants and Scholarships

2017 $5,000

Claes Nobel Academic Scholarship, presented by Mr. Nobel (Video Link)

2017 $1,000

TJ Partnership Fund Community Outreach Grant for BioCode Bioinformatics Competition

2016/2017 $4,500

3 NCWIT AspireIT Outreach Grants to teach Computer Science

2016 $1,000

Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, Amazon Web Services Entrepreneurial Grants

2016 $1,500

Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award

2015 $500

Thomas Jefferson HS “One Question” Grant

2014 $1,000

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Angela Award Scholarship

2014 $500

2014 2nd place NSF National Science Bee at UT Dallas




Pending Provisional patent (# 62/422,537)



Clubs and Leadership

President of Bioinformatics
Co-President of the MIT BioBuilder Club
Vice President of Bioinformatics Society
Teaching Coordinator of Biology Olympiad Club
Co-Founder and President of Russian Language and Culture Club
Appointed Member of TJ Honor Council
TJStar STEM Symposium Committee Member



Mentors and References

Teresa Carlson,
Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector at Amazon
Vint Cerf,
Google Evangelist, Father of Internet
Dr. Hejtmancik,
Chief of the Ophthalmic Molecular Genetics Laboratory of the NEI


Dr. Nance,
Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Evan Glazer - Past Principal of TJ
Dr. Evan Glazer,
Former TJ Principal
Ruthe Farmer
Ms. Ruth Farmer,
Former White House Senior Policy Advisor for Tech Inclusion
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