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Our Mission

What We Stand For

Educate, Empower, Inspire, Change

GCL was founded in 2015 to make emerging technology education accessible to all students, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. We support students through hands-on learning and connecting educators to resources, to bridge the education gap at its root for generations to come. Our goal is to enact long-term change.

Our Values


Project-based learning is at the core of our mission in an effort to focus on equipping the next generation with a strong theoretical foundation supplemented with impactful mini-projects to explore.

Our Values


We bring our innovative AI summits and learn-to-teach programs to HBCUs, low-income centers, and Latinx communities. Everyone deserves a chance at a high-quality STEM education, and not only do we provide that to students identifying with minority groups in technology, but we guide them to become teachers, leaders, and changemakers on their own.

Our Values


While we support students in learning the fundamentals, our focus is identifying emerging areas of computer science and technology to teach in a simple, accessible way and starting conversations about to bring diverse perspectives and fair and equitable development to technology.

Our Values


Ultimately, we partner with a host of companies to ensure that there is a strong, diverse, and knowledgeable future workforce educated and equipped to make an impact

National Leadership

Kavya Kopparapu

Founder, CEO

Kavya Kopparapu is a junior at Harvard and the Founder/CEO of GirlsComputingLeague. Kavya has worked in the intersection of AI/ML and healthcare for the past four years, earning her as one of TIME’s Most Influential Teens, WebMD’s Health Heroes, and Glamour Magazine’s College Woman of the year. She has a patent on a precision medicine platform for glioblastoma and has been featured by Forbes, Tech Crunch, Refinery 29, and IEEE Spectrum. 

Neeyanth Kopparapu

Chief Information Officer

Neeyanth Kopparapu is currently a freshman at Harvard. As one of the founding members of the organization, Neeyanth has worked to coordinate with numerous technology companies for the annual AI summits, as well as leading the nationally recognized Clinical Trial Selector team as they develop solutions as a student team for the public. Aside from GirlsComputingLeague, Neeyanth has spent time working on computational biology research, recognized as a Davidson Research Scholar for his work in Parkinson’s Disease.

Ethan Ocasio

Chief Technology Officer

Ethan Ocasio is currently a senior and the Chief Technology Officer of GirlsComputingLeague. Ethan has worked to coordinate with numerous technology companies for the annual AI summits, as well as leading the nationally recognized Clinical Trial Selector team as they develop solutions as a student team for the public. Aside from GirlsComputingLeague, Ethan designed and evaluated deep neural networks for segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions in brain MRIs

Bhavjeet Sanghera

Chief Strategy Officer

Bhavjeet Sanghera is currently a freshman at the University of Miami and the Chief Strategy Officer at GirlsComputingLeague. He is involved in developing and executing events like the CapitalOne Codefest and the AI summits. Outside GirlsComputingLeague, he avidly conducts research in the field of neuroscience and volunteers with local STEM outreach projects.

Maria Izzi

Chief Information Officer

Maria is a senior at TJHSST, and has been part of GCL for over four years. She oversees most internal teams and, extending her interest in social justice, leads diversity initiatives within both the core organization and its national chapters. Computational biostatistics research and studying Russian are her side passions.

Abhinav Potineni

Chief Financial Officer

Abhinav Potineni is currently a Junior at Academies of Science and is the Chief Financial Officer of GirlsComputingLeague. As a part of Clinical Trial Selector team, Abhi is working on taking CTS to a wider market to help millions of veterans get access to clinical trials. In his free time, Abhi enjoys conducting research in biotechnology, where he has been recognized as a Conrad Innovator 2021 for building an AI application to predict cardiovascular risk score in patients.

Nidhi Challa

Chief Innovation Officer

Nidhi Challa is a sophomore at the University of Maryland and the Chief Innovation Officer at GirlsComputingLeague. She is involved in the process of setting up various events like the AI summits along with overseeing the 1000 schools project and chapter leader program. Outside of GirlsComputingLeague Nidhi spends her time participating in tech clubs on campus.

Rishitha Tamma

Director of Partnerships

Sairishitha Tamma is currently a junior at Lightridge High School and the Academy of Engineering and Technology. In GirlsComputingLeague, she is a national team member, involved mainly in the DCHA program. Outside of GCL, she has a growing passion for business, tech, and science, which she is trying to apply through various career-oriented clubs, internships, and multiple research projects, one of which is regarding apps and the effects they have on people.

Rishitha Voleti

Director of 1000 Schools Program

Rishitha Voleti is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and is the Director of the 1000 schools project. Outside of GCL, Rishitha is also participates in other volunteering events, works on various AI projects and dances a traditional Indian dance.

Emily Ocasio

Chief Education Officer

Ashley Raigosa

Director of GirlsComputingLeague Scholars Program

Ashley Raigosa is currently a high school senior in Northern California. Her passions include computer science, machine learning, and collaborating with teams to learn more about STEM. She has placed as a NCWIT National winner, first in the International Artificial Intelligence Fair, global nominee in the NASA Space Apps Challenge, leads her school’s Coding Club, and been published for her work in ML. Ultimately, she enjoys sharing her passion for programming with others and hopes to become involved with more people of diverse backgrounds!

Ashwitha Surabhi

Director of Conferences and Hackathons

Ashwitha Surabhi is currently a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and the Director of Conference and Hackathons at Girls Computing League. In addition to helping with the annual Artificial Intelligence Summit held by GCL, Ashwitha has also helped plan the Python Program. Outside of GCL, she is interested in computational neuroscience and is currently doing research in the field. She also enjoys running as a part of her school track team and participates in tech and bio-related clubs at her school.

Sanjana Sharvirala

Director of Chapters Program

Sanjana Sharvirala is currently a freshman at Lightridge High School and is the Director of The Chapter Leaders program at GirlsComputingLeague. As a national team member she oversees chapter leader recruitment and involvement. Alongside The Chapter Leaders program she contributes to various initiatives like the AI summits and the 1000 schools project. Aside from GirlsComputingLeague Sanjana loves doing volunteer work when she can.

Anya Patel

Director of 1000 Schools Program

Anya Patel is currently a junior at Langley High School and the Director of the 1000 Schools Project at GirlsComputingLeague. As the director of this project Anya helps organize outreach to title 1 schools and housing authorities nationally to eventually reach an ultimate goal of providing computers and computer lessons to underprivileged youth. Aside from GirlsComputingLeague, Anya also works with other nonprofits and interns for the FemHealth Project to spread global health awareness.

Advika Jhingran

Co-Director of Workshops

Advika Jhingran is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. As Director of Workshops of GirlsComputingLeague, she oversees all the individual workshops as well as the teacher and professional development partnerships. In addition to GCL, she participates in robotics competitions and congressional debate. Advika has a vast interest in computer science, recognized as the NCWIT 2020 VA Affiliate Winner, and particle physics, interning at CERN.

Aditya Kakkar

Co-Director of Artificial Intelligence Summits

Aditya is currently a junior at Westfield High School. He contacts admission officers and key note speakers, organizes certain workshops, and constructs curriculums for math and CS workshops. Aside from GirlsComputingLeague, Aditya spends his time volunteering at homeless shelters, increasing his knowledge in the field of computer science and mathematics, and immerses himself in sports.

Nikhil Pesaladine

Co-Director of Workshops

Nikhil Pesaladinne is a sophomore attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He is currently interested in studying mathematics and computer science. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with friends.

Teja Koduru

Co-Director of Artificial Intelligence Summits

Teja Koduru is a sophmore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and a Director of the National AI summit at GirlsComputingLeague. He is involved in the yearly AI summit hosted at harvard and various subevents such as the python AI workshop. Outside of GirlsComputingLeague, Teja is involved in his school’s UAV and Automotive Engineering teams and works on projects related to AI and Machine Learning. In his free time, Teja loves to read a good book or play with his dog, Amber.

Satvik Matta

Co-Director of Artificial Intelligence Summits

Satvik Matta is a junior attending Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. He is interested in studying computer science. Outside of GirlsComputingLeauge, he participates in his school’s Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle club. In his free time, he loves to read a book and ride a bike with friends.

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…

National Team Members

Anwitha Kollipara

Anwitha Kollipara is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. As a part of GirlsComputingLeague’s national team, she is involved in organizing Python classes and the annual AI summit held by GCL. Outside of GirlsComputingLeague, Anwitha spends her time immersing herself in technology. She participates in tech-related clubs at school, in addition to volunteering, and singing.

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